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Have you considered using a Science Park to expand your R&D?

The United Kingdom Science Park Association (UKSPA) has a tagline which reads, “Proudly representing innovative knowledge based environments”. Doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue easily, but it is difficult to encapsulate the definition into one sentence. Without even trying a science park will naturally include companies that will have R&D tax credits eligibility with science and research [...]

How Do You Protect Your Research and Development Project While Still Receiving Feedback?

Market research is essential before investing in innovation, a new business or before launching a new product. You need to be certain that your new service or product will be well received and will fit a gap in the market. It's a vital piece of the research and development process and is one of the main [...]

Benefit from your Accountant working with an R & D Tax Credit Expert

You trust your accountant and you feel like suggesting bringing in an R & D expert is a bit like professional adultery. It’s really not. It’s more like a G.P.’s referral to a specialist consultant. Your accountant knows your business inside out and provides valuable advice on a range of financial matters, like tax efficiency [...]

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