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UK Police trialing facial recognition technology on Christmas shoppers

Christmas shoppers in London will be asked to participate in trials of the Met’s latest facial recognition technology. They will have a mobile unit with the surveillance software roaming around the West End, including Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Soho. The officers carrying out the software testing will be in uniform, have information leaflets for [...]

R&D Tax Credits and £20m extra for the creative industries

The government announced details of exactly where an extra £20m investment will be spent within England’s creative industries. And their recent evaluation of the R&D Tax Credit scheme shows that companies in the Arts, Entertainment and Recreation sector receive the highest average claim amount. Excellent news. Considering that the creative industries sector is now worth [...]

Video Assisted Referees joining the Premier League next season

Only last April, Premier League Clubs voted against using Video Assisted Referees (VAR) during the current season. But after further consideration at a meeting on Thursday, clubs have decided to go ahead with its introduction. Why the change of heart about VAR? We explain how VAR works and the possible issues with its usage during [...]

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