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Have you used our FAQs and Blog to find out about R&D Tax Credits?

The R&D tax credit and RDEC systems are complicated, aren’t they? It’s one of the main reasons businesses lose out on this tax relief. Or, they just don’t know that R&D tax credits exist. We are committed to providing accessible information about R&D tax credits so that every eligible company gets this investment in future [...]

UK trialing amazing new breathalyser cancer test

Cancer Research UK and Owlstone Medical are going into the trail phase of researching this ground breaking cancer identification tool. They are working together to develop a breathalyser that can detect cancer by analysing the molecules in an individual’s breath. We really hope that they are benefiting from the additional funding available through R&D tax [...]

R&D in the Information and Communication sector helping train our emergency services

The most recently updated figures for the 2016-17 financial year show that the Information and Communication sector submitted the most R&D Tax Credit claims. Companies in this sector made 27% of the R&D Tax Credit claims in this year, that’s 9,200 out of a 33,880 total. This means that businesses in this area received 28% [...]

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