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Tax Professionals’ Organisation Advises Against Merging R&D Schemes

The Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) has published its response to HMRC’s consultation on the future of R&D tax relief. They represent over 9,000 members and fellows, and 5,000 students. So their voice is an important one. Two of their answers are particularly significant: an aversion to merging our two current R&D schemes into one [...]

Pace of UK’s Spy Tech innovation must be maintained: Thoughts from MI5’s outgoing Chief Scientific Advisor

Professor Anthony Finkelstein is leaving his job as MI5’s Chief Scientific Advisor. In an interview with the BBC, he gives his take on how rapidly evolving technology impacts on life in the security services. And what the UK needs to do to stay safe going into the future. How is spy tech changing? One of [...]

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