How you help us support the NSPCC

We believe that the business world has a responsibility to contribute to the inclusive development of our wider society.

We share our success by being a consistent corporate donor to the NSPCC. By choosing our firm, you are supporting a wonderful charity committed to protecting our children.

Why the NSPCC?

If you haven’t come across them before, this stands for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. We proudly support their fundamental idea that ‘every childhood is worth fighting for’. They work with children and young people throughout the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

How do they spend their donations?

For most of us, child neglect and abuse are hard, upsetting facts to think about. The NSPCC tackles these issues head on and are helping children on a number of fronts:

  • Individual children
    The impact on individual survivors and their communities has huge, long term consequences. The NSPCC provides essential support to survivors and their families and some services for other agencies involved in caring for children, like schools. According to their latest data, one child phones Childline every 25 seconds, every day. The need is there, who else would they talk to?

  • Prevention
    The NSPCC believes that cruelty to children is preventable. They have several programmes in place to support individual children and families at points of vulnerability, before a crisis point is reached. They also use donations to fund campaigns like ‘Share Aware’, which are designed to raise the profile of child protection issues. Over 55,000 adults called the NSPCC helpline last year to share their concerns about children they know. They received expert advice, from NSPCC volunteers, about what to do in their own specific situation.

  • Legal Change
    The NSPCC also proactively pursue changes to laws and processes to better protect all children and help support them through any legal proceedings they may have to endure. For example, thanks to a long running NSPCC campaign, police can now charge adults who send inappropriate texts to children.

They have become the voice of our most vulnerable and have already made a massive difference to the lives of many children. We are committed to backing them in their future battles. As our clients, you are the most important part of this equation, thank you for helping us, help them.

IN aid of NSPCC

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