You trust your accountant and you feel like suggesting bringing in an R & D expert is a bit like professional adultery. It’s really not. It’s more like a G.P.’s referral to a specialist consultant.

Your accountant knows your business inside out and provides valuable advice on a range of financial matters, like tax efficiency and future growth. That relationship is under no threat from also working with an R and D expert, like, for two reasons; this is a really niche area and therefore they focus exclusively on R and D claims. They are not trying to poach you from your current accountant because they only work on Research and Development Tax Credits and the associated schemes.

Can I submit an R & D claim myself?

Yes, you are completely free to make an R and D claim under your own steam. All the information you need is on HMRC’s website. We would warn you that it is a far more complex process than filing a tax return. So much so, that many accountants themselves would prefer not to tackle an R & D claim.

What difference does an R & D expert make?

An R and D expert already understand the intricacies of the regulations and how to apply them to your specific innovative projects. We will be able to identify all the activities that can be considered Research and Development and all the qualifying expenditure within each one. We will write a strong accompanying report explaining your position to HMRC with complete clarity. This is why we have 100% success rate with our claims.

To do this with maximum efficiency, we work with your company’s accountant to get all the necessary financial information and with your technical experts to fully understand the technology and/or science behind your innovation. This means that your time and energy can remain focused on running your business

What about my existing accountant?

Many accountants don’t want to embark on making R and D claims for their clients because it is such a niche area it will require a lot of their time and your money. We have found that most accountants are perfectly happy to work with us on their client’s claim. They know that we are not interested in stealing their other work because we only deal with the area of Research and Development. They also know that it’s a very lucrative benefit that their client can reinvest in their business’s growth and that’s good for everybody. Usually we will simply need the basic financial information from your accountant, including how any government grants have been spent. We do all the investigating into eligible projects and the details of qualifying criteria.

The combination of our niche expertise and broad experience across a range of sectors means that we are working even more efficiently to submit fully optimised R and D Tax Credit claims. Give us a quick call on 0330 0539 112 for a free consultation. Or fill in our easy contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Jamie Smith