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New UV light cleaning system to protect air passengers from COVID-19

Necessity really is the mother of invention and, sometimes, the catalyst for investment. This is the story of how an orthopedic surgeon’s ‘basement’ invention is contributing to safer air travel. The Germ Falcon is a device that cleans aeroplane cabins using UV light. It was invented seven years ago, but has only drawn proper industry [...]

New video game to help young people deal with the aftermath of COVID-19

A tech studio based in Glasgow is developing a computer game to help young people deal with the impact of COVID-19. Who is behind this technology? Game Doctor focuses on “developing games and interactive technology for science and health education.” They have previous experience producing Public Health games, creating successful games about air pollution, sexually [...]

How harmony between your accountant and R&D tax relief expert benefits your business

You’ve probably spent the last couple of months assessing how your company can best weather the challenges of this COVID-19 crisis. And then reassessing with every new development. It’s not easy. Hopefully, your accountant has been able to support you with your short and long term decision making. Particularly with deciding which, if any, of [...]

Does the COVID-19 crisis impact on your R&D tax relief claim?

Outside of the core health priorities, businesses are trying their best to navigate through this national emergency successfully. The government has set up a variety of coping strategies so that as many companies and SMEs survive as possible. As we delve into the application of these schemes, questions have surfaced about how they interact with [...]

COVID-19 armoury bolstered by experts’ fast collaboration on new CPAP devices

The Team: University of College London engineers University College of London Hospitals’ clinicians Mercedes Formula One technicians Oxford Optrimix, a niche manufacturer of oxygen monitors The brief: Fast mass production of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices, which deliver oxygen to the lungs without needing a ventilator. The aim: Keep as many COIVD-19 patients off [...]

Amazing impact of HMRC’s tax relief for the creative industries

HMRC’s press release titled ‘Creative industry reliefs triumph at the Oscars’, gives a very clear reason why this is currently in the news. The British film industry is thriving and HMRC are, rightly, keen to demonstrate the impact of their Film Tax relief. No red carpet moment for them, but no less important to acknowledge [...]