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HMRC clarifies rules for R&D tax relief claims and furloughed employees

HMRC released their policy on how using the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) impacts on R&D tax relief claims on 10th September 2020. In normal circumstances, you can include the staffing costs of employees working on R&D projects as ‘allowable expenditure’ in both Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) and R&D Tax Credit scheme applications. [...]

Have you had your say on changes to R&D tax credit qualifying costs?

The government are currently in the consultation period of possible changes to policy covering R&D tax credit qualifying costs. This was announced in the Spring Budget this year, as a revaluation of criteria that haven’t been considered for a decade. There’s still plenty of time to contribute, the deadline is 13th October 2020. What changes [...]

Edinburgh’s next step to becoming the data capital of Europe

Edinburgh University and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are constructing the new Edinburgh International Data Facility (EIDF) together. It will cost £100m over a ten year period and is part of Edinburgh’s journey towards being Europe’s data hub. What’s the purpose of the Edinburgh International Data Facility? Everything about the ‘data economy’ requires constant reinvention. And [...]

New PCRT guidelines for R&D tax credit service providers

On first of June, Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation (PCRT) professional bodies published ‘Topical Guidance covering the application of professional standards to the provision of R&D tax credit services’. This is welcomed by genuine professionals in the industry, as it provides clear answers to several key questions. There is no specific set of regulations [...]

New UV light cleaning system to protect air passengers from COVID-19

Necessity really is the mother of invention and, sometimes, the catalyst for investment. This is the story of how an orthopedic surgeon’s ‘basement’ invention is contributing to safer air travel. The Germ Falcon is a device that cleans aeroplane cabins using UV light. It was invented seven years ago, but has only drawn proper industry [...]

New video game to help young people deal with the aftermath of COVID-19

A tech studio based in Glasgow is developing a computer game to help young people deal with the impact of COVID-19. Who is behind this technology? Game Doctor focuses on “developing games and interactive technology for science and health education.” They have previous experience producing Public Health games, creating successful games about air pollution, sexually [...]

How harmony between your accountant and R&D tax relief expert benefits your business

You’ve probably spent the last couple of months assessing how your company can best weather the challenges of this COVID-19 crisis. And then reassessing with every new development. It’s not easy. Hopefully, your accountant has been able to support you with your short and long term decision making. Particularly with deciding which, if any, of [...]

Does the COVID-19 crisis impact on your R&D tax relief claim?

Outside of the core health priorities, businesses are trying their best to navigate through this national emergency successfully. The government has set up a variety of coping strategies so that as many companies and SMEs survive as possible. As we delve into the application of these schemes, questions have surfaced about how they interact with [...]

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