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New Guidance: R&D Tax Relief for Software Development

Software is now a ubiquitous feature of all industries. It’s almost easier to think of areas without a software component. Whether you are an IT department or company, HMRC’s new guidance for making software development R&D claims is worth a read. Innovation in software development There are so many new innovations constantly evolving in software [...]

How do the Chancellor’s plans to raise £2bn affect R&D Tax Credits?

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a series of new policies to tackle tax evasion and avoidance during the Autumn Budget. This is a renewed focus on making sure that all tax liabilities are paid, in full, to the Treasury. Its aim is to collect £2bn in taxation during the following five years. Are the current measures [...]

Are you making good use of DSM’s free R&D Tax Credit Guides?

At DSM, we are R&D tax relief specialists. Our experience means that we understand the broader tax and financial context of your business. But we only work on R&D tax credit claims. This expertise puts us in an excellent position to provide understandable, accurate R&D tax relief information. Why is information about R&D Tax Relief [...]

Have you used our FAQs and Blog to find out about R&D Tax Credits?

The R&D tax credit and RDEC systems are complicated, aren’t they? It’s one of the main reasons businesses lose out on this tax relief. Or, they just don’t know that R&D tax credits exist. We are committed to providing accessible information about R&D tax credits so that every eligible company gets this investment in future [...]

R&D in the Information and Communication sector helping train our emergency services

The most recently updated figures for the 2016-17 financial year show that the Information and Communication sector submitted the most R&D Tax Credit claims. Companies in this sector made 27% of the R&D Tax Credit claims in this year, that’s 9,200 out of a 33,880 total. This means that businesses in this area received 28% [...]

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