We focus our tax expertise on helping businesses claim the Research and Development Tax Credits they are entitled to for their innovations in product, process or system development.

Who are we?

DSM’s founding members are Paul Donohoe (Managing Director), Jamie Smith (Chartered Accountant and Tax Adviser) and Darren Moynan (Chartered Tax Adviser). We use fully qualified and regulated tax professionals with experience in a broad range of industries. It is exciting for us to work with companies that prioritise innovation and help them secure funding for the future through successful R and D Tax Credit claims.

How we help your business

We have 100% success rate and achieve an average refund of £49,000 for our clients. Imagine what you could do with that amount of investment.

Currently, 90% of businesses are not claiming the R and D Tax Credits they are entitled to. This is mainly because business owners assume that their work would not be eligible, or they do not know about the scheme at all. We work with SMEs and large companies to identify their qualifying activities and expenditure, compile a robust report and see the process all the way through to your cheque at the end.

We only work on R and D Tax Credit claims, so we are adept at using the intricacies of the scheme’s regulations to optimise our clients’ claims. Using us to work on your R and D claim does not impact your relationship with your current accountant. We will work with them and you are not tied in to any kind of contract with us.

DSM Freebies

We believe that all tax information should be accessible to all taxpayers. We can’t influence how HMRC present the R and D Tax Credit Scheme, but we can use our position as experts to explain its complexities and encourage uptake. We have several sources of information on our website that are completely free of charge.

R&D Tax Calculator

Our R&D Tax Calculator gives you a personalised estimate of how much R and D Tax Credits you could expect. It only needs a few details, so you don’t have to trawl through your books to give it a go. It does not include your name, bank details or personal details and it does not save the information you input. It is a great way to really see how the large mass of regulations could be of significant benefit to your unique situation.

DSMRandDTaxCredit.co.uk Guides

We have a number of free guides that explore different elements of the R and D Tax Credit Scheme and other sources of funding for innovative projects. They are written in plain English without any ‘tax speak’ or incomprehensible jargon, to support businesses’ own understanding of their R and D Tax Credits position.

Initial Phone Call

You can give our friendly staff a call on 0330 0539 0112, for an initial assessment of your eligibility for R and D Tax Credits. This is free, we will be able to tell you if you can pursue a claim by the end of the call and you are under no obligation to continue with us.

Considering our average R and D refund is £49,000, can you really afford not to call?

DSM R&D Blog

We see our R&D blog as another way to share free information with our clients old and new. We will cover news updates, changes to current R and D regulations, brilliant innovations developed within varied industries, broader impact of innovations, how R and D Tax Credits have been invested into new developments, and anything else we think you will find useful or interesting. You can follow us on whichever social media platform you prefer, so you don’t risk missing out on the latest.

Thanks for reading and please come back soon to read about the latest R and D news.

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