R&D tax credits process

We use our experience across many industry sectors and our specialist knowledge to help you:

  • Decide if your project is eligible for R&D Tax Relief
  • Find every single allowable qualifying cost within that project
  • Collect all the required information to maximise your claim
  • Submit your R&D Tax Relief claim to HMRC
  • Communicate with HMRC on your company’s behalf if required
  • Help plan any future R&D claims
R&D claim process

What if I’m not sure if my project qualifies as R&D?

It doesn’t cost you anything to find out with our free R&D tax credit eligibility review. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all, straightforward answer, but don’t let that put you off. We can assess what research and development costs you have incurred and let you know which current, past (and any future projects) qualify for R&D tax credits.

You can use our free R&D tax credits guides if you want to find out more before getting in touch and our R&D calculator can help show you how much R and D Tax Credits could mean to your business. When you are ready one of our experts can talk you through your eligibility and the claims process.

What do I need to provide to confirm my R&D eligibility?

Initially we need you to answer some basic questions about the project in question. Three of the most common questions we begin with are:

  1. What is the scientific or technological advance?
  2. What were the scientific or technological uncertainties involved in the project?
  3. How and when were the uncertainties actually overcome?

If the project is showing signs of being eligible under the R&D scheme we then find out more about your company with information like the number of employees it has, turnover and balance sheet value being needed. You don’t need to have all of the details available at the same time with one or two emails or phone calls often needed along the way to gather the facts and figures.

With so many different types of project from varying industries potentially qualifying we adapt our questions to you and your company giving you a bespoke response to your R&D enquiry.

R&D tax credit claim timescales

The time it takes to create a claim ready for submission to HMRC is all down to how quickly you can provide what is required.

When the claim is submitted the typical timescale for an R&D claim to complete is eight weeks. We work with a specialist HMRC department to answer any questions they may have relating to your submission. Our due diligence and processes help HMRC complete your claim in the quickest time possible because we deliver a fully legitimate application under the research and development legislation.

Do I have to change my current accountant?

Absolutely not. That’s one trusted professional relationship that you should never tamper with. We work in collaboration with you and your existing accountant, purely as your R&D Tax Credit specialist. We work with your accountant who will be happy to have a specialist on board to optimise and manage the R&D tax credit process from start to finish. If you would like help with your other accountancy requirements just let us know and we’ll talk you through what needs to be done.

What do you charge for an R&D tax credit claim?

There is no upfront fee or hidden costs. We earn a success based percentage of your Enhanced Tax Relief. This means that if you don’t qualify for R&D tax credits you don’t pay a fee. In some cases we can agree a fixed fee before work is undertaken. You find out more about our fees and our history on our about us page.

Speak to an R&D tax credit expert today

At DSM we have the expertise to guide you through the process from highlighting a potential R&D claim to a successful completion. To begin, and find out more,  fill in our easy R&D online contact form below and we’ll get back in touch, or call us on 0330 0539 112 or email us at info@dsmranddtaxcredits.co.uk. 

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