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Research and Development tax credit guide
Guide to Patent Box tax credit guide
Guide to Videogames Tax Relief tax credit guide
EU Business Innovation Funding tax credit guide
UK research and Development Grant Funding tax credit guide
Research and Development Expenditure Credit Scheme

Free R&D guides

We all know that the UK’s tax system is complicated and HMRC seems to have the monopoly on understanding ‘tax speak’. It has been repeatedly proven that the up-side to taxation rules, reliefs and rebates, are under used. Unacceptably, a large proportion of this due to a combination of lack of awareness, complexity of the regulations and a lack of time to invest in pursuing any kind of claim.

This is particularly true of Research and Development Tax Credits, only 10% of eligible companies currently claim. Both HMRC and tax professionals have a duty to realign this imbalance by providing accessible, relevant education for all taxpayers. As tax specialists, we take our role in enabling taxpayers very seriously. Our free guides contain expert information, simply explained, for our clients to educate themselves.

You can use our R&D tax glossary to get quick descriptions of the most commonly used terms relating to the research and development tax credit relief scheme.

What you will learn

Our free guides contain the basic information you need to decide if a particular tax credit or grant is relevant to your business.

This includes guides for:

  • Research and Development Tax Credits; including eligibility and qualifying costs
  • Patent Box; incentives to commercialise your patents
  • Video Games Tax Relief; including what types of games are applicable
  • EU Business Innovation Funding; Horizon 2020 funding
  • UK Research and Development Grant Funding; including recent changes

They are written in plain English, with explanations of any necessary terminology as you go along. The information is accurate and regularly updated in line with any changes to regulations.

Find out more before you claim

People can underestimate the value of a resource because they can access it for free. Our guides give you expert, well-written information that we have spent money producing because we are committed to our ‘giving back’ philosophy. They are not merely site fillers, but our way of helping taxpayers access the taxation system properly.

Our guides are useful time savers if you are trying to decide between potential funding for future projects, or work out if you are eligible for the listed tax reliefs. We don’t waste words and only include details that are strictly relevant. They are designed to be a succinct overview which helps you make the most cost effective decision for your business. You can even use our free R & D tax credit calculator to work out an estimate of how much your company could benefit from the scheme.

We have distilled the essentials from the mass of regulations and lead you through your thinking in a logical order. It is important to stress the fact that, even when you use tax and accountancy professionals, your tax position is entirely your responsibility. So you should be satisfied that you confidently understand your situation and fully meet your tax liability.

For more details and expert advice, just give us a call on 0330 0539 112, fill in the online contact form below, or drop us an email at info@dsmranddtaxcredits.co.uk.

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