Spotify is Swedish online music streaming company that has R&D hubs in Stockholm, Gothenburg, San Francisco, Boston and New York. And it’s starting a new R&D centre in its London offices, which will take the number of UK employees from 260 to 550.

Spotify is a hugely influential company with 4,000 employees worldwide and is valued at $35bn. Since 2018, it has been listed on the New York stock exchange.

What jobs are coming to London?

Spotify’s website advertises “34 jobs in 24 categories” in its London branch. These categories include:

  • Senior Software Engineer – Consumer
  • Product Designer – Growth
  • Data Science Manager
  • Senior iOS Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer, Mitigate Risk and Fraud Prevention
  • Front End Engineer – Premium Campaigns
  • Senior Machine Learning Engineer
  • Research Scientist

That’s just a sample of all the science and technology experts that will be working for Spotify in the UK. It is an R&D department, so its focus is obviously on research and development for existing and new products. It is amazing that the company is investing in British talent for their new hub and we’re sure they are fully on top of their R&D tax relief entitlement.

How innovative is Spotify?

Spotify’s philosophy section is called ‘This is how we roll’ and it has the traditional five elements: Innovative, Collaborative, Sincere, Passionate and Playful. ‘Innovative’, rather unsurprisingly, takes the first slot and describes the company with further detail: “We’re all pioneers. We’re original and creative in our thinking. To us, innovation is a default mind set a hard wired desire to improve things.”

Support for investment in British talent

R&D really is the lifeblood of all tech companies and drives the next ‘big thing’. Its’ MD, Tom Connaughton, explains their decision to make their next hub British: “The UK is famous all over the world for the musical talent that originates here and the strength of the music industry here. As one of Spotify’s biggest markets, it makes perfect sense to expand our team here, and to tap into the large and diverse talent pool to be found in London.”

Sadiq Khan, London’s Mayor supports the decision, saying: “London is the best place in Europe for tech companies to find a wealth of diverse talent. Spotify’s expansion is a further sign that London is open to ground-breaking technology.”


Jamie Smith