Have you been put off claiming your R&D tax credit because you’re not sure that it’ll be worth the time and effort? Try our R&D Tax Credit calculator to get a personalised estimate of how much your claim could be worth.

Does it cost me anything?

DSM’s R&D Tax Credit calculator is a completely free tool. It doesn’t cost you any money or personal data. Often when things do not have a financial value online, it means that you are paying with the information you submit. This is then monetised by honing advertising and selling it to interested parties. The information you input into our calculator is anonymised and is not stored. You do not need to identify your business or yourself. You just pop the necessary financial details, which can be an approximation, so that the calculator can work out your R&D tax credit claim estimate.

Why should I use DSM’s R&D Tax Credit calculator?

Our R&D Tax Credit calculator gives you an immediate idea of what your business could claim. It’s all very well hearing about another company’s massive R&D Tax Credit cheque, or reading our examples, you really need to know how much it’s worth to you. The calculator’s figure is not the guaranteed amount you will receive. As you know, the process is more complicated than that. But it is a reliable estimate based entirely on your company’s real financials. Seeing the size of your potential claim will probably confirm that it is worthwhile looking into.

How do I use the calculator?

You need to input a few numbers:

  • Whether you have up to 499, or 500 or more employees. This determines which R&D tax relief scheme you are eligible for.
  • Your R&D project costs, spent on: software, staff, subcontractors, clinical trial volunteers, utilities and materials. An approximate figure is fine at this stage.

Then the R&D Tax Credit calculator works out:

  • Total R&D revenue enhanced claim
  • Corporation Tax deduction because of the R&D claim
  • Total Corporation Tax deduction on your expenses
  • Effective Corporation Tax rate on revenue expenses
  • Total Value of your claim

Once you see how many thousands of pounds you can receive through the R&D Tax Credit scheme, you won’t hesitate to start a claim. The overall average for 2016-17, for SMEs across all industry sectors, was £53,876. Imagine what you can do with that investment.

What a free calculator doesn’t tell you

So many businesses miss out on their R&D Tax Credit relief either because they don’t know the scheme exists, or because they automatically assume it won’t apply to them because they are not in a science or technology based sector. This is not true. Yes, R&D Tax Credits are there to boost innovations and you must be able to show a ‘scientific or technological advance’. But these happen in all industries, which is why the tax relief is open to companies from all sectors.

Our free calculator also doesn’t tell your two key pieces of information about the R&D Tax Credit eligibility criteria:

  • Your company does not have to be in profit
  • Your R&D project does not have to be successful

The R&D tax relief application process is tricky and really requires expert knowledge to make sure that you don’t miss out on any eligible projects or costs. But you don’t have to wade through it on your own. We are experts in this niche area of the tax world. DSMR&DTaxCredits.co.uk will be your bolt on R&D department for the duration of your claim; saving you the time and hassle.

Give our R&D Tax Credit calculator a try, read up on how we simplify the process or give us a call on 0330 0539 112. If you prefer, you can use the quick contact form below and we’ll get back to you about your R&D Tax Credit claim.


Jamie Smith