At DSM, we are R&D tax relief specialists. Our experience means that we understand the broader tax and financial context of your business. But we only work on R&D tax credit claims. This expertise puts us in an excellent position to provide understandable, accurate R&D tax relief information.

Why is information about R&D Tax Relief so important?

It is absolutely crucial that more companies access information about how they are entitled to because, at the moment, a staggering 90% of businesses are missing out. That’s thousands of pounds of potential investment in your future innovations wasted.

To do our part in providing clear information about the various schemes, we have invested in a number of free guides to take you through the need-to-knows.

Why bother reading our free R&D guides?

To be completely honest, if you don’t, then you could be doing yourself out of a substantial amount of tax relief. No, they are not the most straightforward schemes to fathom and even your accountant might be a bit reluctant to undertake the process. But a few minutes reading through our most relevant tax guide, will enable you to see if you could benefit from these really amazing schemes.

What’s good about our guides?

  • They are divided up into different areas so that you only need to look through the one that applies to your business.
  • They are written in plain English, with the necessary technical language explained as you go along.
  • Clear sub-headings speeds up scanning for specifics.
  • There is enough information to determine if your claim is worth investigating.
  • They don’t contain every single little detail. Because, if we sort out your claim for you, you never need to read all the fine print.

But what are your guides about?

We provide free guides about current research and development tax relief options that are available to UK businesses. Not all of the schemes apply to everybody, some are specific to a particular industry, like the Video Games Tax Relief scheme. All of the guides include an explanation of the scheme, a summary of eligibility criteria and the next steps to making a claim.

Our current range of guides are:

We update these guides as the government makes any changes and add new ones for any new schemes.

Do you provide any other help?

Yes, we provide as much help as possible for free. We have a popular R&D tax credits FAQs section that deals with the answers to the most commonly asked questions. These contain links to the relevant guides, for those that want more detail.

There is also the R&D Tax Credit Calculator, which gives you a personalised estimate of how much your R&D claim is worth. You do need to input some of your data, but this is anonymised and not collected or stored.

We also publish a regular blog which contains articles about a combination of topics: information about DSM, R&D Tax Credits policy and news about innovations across all industries.

You are also welcome to give us a call, or drop us an email, with your inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our R&D tax credit eligibility review, which determines if you are eligible to make an R&D tax relief claim, is also free of charge. We look forward to hearing from you.


Jamie Smith