How we work with Accountants

Help us spread the word about lucrative R&D Tax Credits claims!

Everyone’s a winner with this rarely utilised tax relief – you, your clients, us and the future of British innovation. But it is largely misunderstood and, as a result, chronically under-claimed – over 90% of eligible companies are missing out. But not your clients – not on your watch! The current average Research and Development claim is worth £49,000.

Do you work with any businesses that couldn’t utilise this extra investment?

Good for you…

By including in your team, you are simply providing an extra specialist service to your clients.

  • Few accountancy firms can dedicate the necessary time to the intricacies of an R and D claim; especially without any existing internal expertise.
  • All we do is Research and Development Tax Credit claims, we have no interest in poaching your clients for any other type of accountancy work. That said, our broad accountancy knowledge means that we fully understand how R and D tax relief is contextualised within your clients’ overall financial circumstances.
  • We operate collaboratively with our accountant partners and expect each relationship to be unique.
  • Generally – by uniting with us you are raising the profile of R and D tax credits. This can only have a positive impact on business development as we all know, innovation requires investment.
  • Specifically – once we are paid our fee for another successful claim, you receive our referral fee.

Good for your clients…

You are the one that has the strong, trusting relationship with your clients. Through your endorsement, this is extended to and eliminates that stressful ‘risk of the unknown’ for your clients. If their company participates in any Research and Development activities, we will ensure that they receive the tax credit they are due. This becomes the fundamental funding for their next innovative projects. Their first consultation with us, and the advice we share, is completely free.

Good for us…

By building partnerships with you and working with your clients, we see a positive impact in three main areas:

  • Raising the profile of the existence and scope of the Research and Development Tax Credit scheme.
  • Playing a small part in the development of exciting new innovations in products and processes.
  • Building new, lasting relationships with you and your clients.

What we do

We provide a sliding scale of support with R&D tax credit claims. It is up to you and your client to decide which is the best fit for their business requirements. At one end, we can use our niche expertise just to advise you; at the other end, we will complete the whole R and D claim from start to finish as a self-contained, separate piece of work; or any variation inbetween. We adjust our service to comply with the needs of each of our accountancy partners and their clients.

The key benefit to having onside is the accuracy and quality of the successful R and D claim.

  • We can quickly identify the R&D projects that are eligible for the scheme.
  • By looking through our R&D focused lens, we zoom in on every legitimate qualifying cost possible.
  • We produce accurate, sturdy claims that are resilient to questioning.
  • We suggest ways in which your client’s business can encompass the opportunity to use the Research and Development Tax Credit Scheme in the future.

Who we are

We have one well-defined role as your partner – to ensure that your clients receive their maximum R and D tax credits. We respect your relationship with your clients and perceptively adjust our role as required. We use straightforward language, transparent pricing and a friendly manner to deliver our top-notch service.

How we work with you

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