How we work with ‘Introducers’ and ‘Advisers’

We make connections with the network of different professionals who are involved in business development; lawyers, financial advisers, investors, ‘business hubs’, non-executive directors, to name but a few.

If you work in any of these supportive roles, we can help you offer your clients that little bit extra with our exceptional R and D Tax Credits claim process.

What do you know about R and D Tax Credits?

Most people know very little about this tax relief scheme and that is something we want to change. Any business, in any sector, is entitled to claim tax relief on their qualifying Research and Development costs. The current average claim amount is £49,000.

Just pause and consider what that could mean to the companies you work with: extra jobs, new premises and quicker product development are just a few of the possibilities. Imagine how grateful they’ll be that you initiated this substantial cash boost by pointing them in our direction.

You don’t have to know the fine detail

All you have to do is refer your client to us and we take care of the entire claims process. You don’t have to get into any of the nitty gritty of the regulations – and there are a lot of complexities involved.

It is a fact of business life that new research and development requires financing. We are determined that more businesses have access to this amazing tax relief that incentivises future innovation with actual funding. Our Advisors referral system is one of the ways we action this aim. It’s also your bonus for getting your clients their R and D entitlement. Once an R and D claim is rubber-stamped by HMRC and we get our payment, you receive your referral fee.

If your clients develop new products or processes, then they are probably one of the 90% of businesses who are missing out on substantial tax relief on their Research and Development costs. Assessing their business’s eligibility is one of the first things we do, so no-one wastes any time. essentials:

  • We solely concentrate on Research and Development tax credit claims
  • We have the necessary, technical ‘know how’
  • We have broad understanding and experience of business accountancy, so we see R and D claims as part of the wider financial picture.
  • We speak ‘tax’ and have a sound working relationship with HMRC.
  • We adapt our service to best fit the needs of each client and put clear, cordial communication at the heart of our customer service ethos.

Referring your clients to is a great way for you to help generate funding for future growth.

How we work with you

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